Hello. My name is Tammy Hein and I am a dog trainer in Warman, Sask. If you have never heard of me before then you likely have no idea who I am or even whether or not I can help you. Just like a lot of dog owners you want to tread cautiously when searching for a reputable trainer to help you out. Learn more about me here.

Training Methods.

We train using positive, reward-based training. This is a science-based method of training using your dogs’ psychology. We break this down in our courses so the methods are easy to understand and duplicate. This style of training makes dog training not only fun but doable for the whole family.

Will I have to use Rewards all the time?

No. Once your dog knows what it is you want them to do you can start to remove rewards from the situation. It is only to teach new behaviors. Once your dog is consistent and will do the behavior for you even when distracted you can start to wean off the food. We teach you how to do this effectively in our courses.

Our Services.

We offer Private Classes, Mobile Nail Clipping, dog walking and online dog training courses. If you would like to know more about any of these services feel free to fill out a form below with your question.

We would love to chat with you about how we can help you with your training needs.

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