Loose leash walking


Does your dog pull you constantly when out on a walk?

Feeling like your dog is going to pull your arm right out of your socket?

Concerned your dog isn’t getting enough walks but struggle to walk your dog?

Feeling overwhelmed about walking your dog is not uncommon. Training aids designed to help can also be overwhelming.

Is your dog barking excessively, digging in the yard, or driving you insane because he/she isn’t getting enough exercise?

In this course we help teach you about the different training aids. Breaking them down so you understand the purpose of each one. You do not ever need to buy a training aid in order to teach your dog how to walk nicely on a leash. However, if you decide you want to you will know exactly what you need and how it’s used before you go to the store.

We break down the training for you so that you understand why your dog pulls in the first place. This allows you to better understand what is going on at the other end of the leash.

We help you get comfortable with our training methods so that when you are working with your dog you know what you are doing and why. Once you understand the technique and start practicing with your dog it won’t take long for you and your dog to progress to the next level.

Lastely, but the most important step, once your dog is ready we take you through the weaning process. This step seems to be the hardest for most so we will walk through this with you. Help you wean your dog off the training aids and rewards effectively so that they don’t revert back to their old ways.

Sound good to you? Let’s get started!

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Level: Easy