Dog Walking

When we come to your home, we treat your dog like family.

You don’t have to do anything. We come in, leash your dog, and head out. Perfect if you are busy with small kids or work. If you are not home that is ok as well, just leave us a spare key!

Need someone to just pop in and let your dog out?

Drop-ins comprise us coming to your house and letting your dog out for a potty break. We will spend 15 minutes in total with your dog. Let them have some relief, do some training or simply play and keep your dog company.

Drop-ins are separate from our packs.





You can book these services as often or as seldom as you need.

We have 30 mins and 1 hour time slots available. All you have to do is let us know which days you need and which duration best suits your needs.

We have single dog walks, multi-dog walks, and pack excursions available.

Single dog walks are for the people-only dog. If your dog isn’t a fan of socializing with other dogs, we will walk them on their own. We give them one-on-one time for the duration of the walk.

Multi-dog walks are for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs but aren’t 100% trusted at the dog park. We can walk 2-3 dogs together on leash. Let us know if your dog isn’t comfortable being transported in a crate. Sometimes we will have to drive from one house to the next until we have collected all the dogs for the walk. Knowing which dogs are comfortable and which ones aren’t can help us with the logistics. We can only transport 2 dogs at a time.

Pack excursions are where we take maximum 2 clients dogs to the dog park for a run! This option is best for friendly dogs who love to play and socialize. Sometimes we will bring a couple of our dogs to ensure your dog gets a playmate. We set this to a maximum of 2 dogs because we transport them in plastic crates. Your dog’s safety is our highest concern, and there isn’t anywhere safer while riding in a vehicle. If you would like you can provide a chewy for your dog to have while transporting.

When we first walk your dog, we include some training to help your dog learn what to expect when on a walk with us.


$24 for 30 minute walk for 1 dog.  

$30 for 1 hour for 1 dog.

Additional dogs are $5 per dog. 

$216 for 10 pack of 30-minute walks.

$270 for 10 pack of 1-hour walks.

Additional dogs are $50/dog per pack($5 per walk for 10 walks). 


To register for our dog walking services simply give us a shout at

306-280-0833 between the hours of 9am-6pm Monday-Friday.


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