Easter Safety For Dogs

Easter is a fun holiday for most families. Kids and adults alike enjoy Easter activities. However, some things about Easter can be a bit scary for new pet owners. Unsure of how to keep your pet safe over Easter holidays?

Let us help you out there!

Things to avoid:

During Easter there are some things that should be kept well away from dogs. Here is a short list of things to watch for:

Easter Lillies-These beautiful plants are very popular around Easter. However, they are also very poisonous towards animals. If your pet ingests any part of this plant it can be very dangerous. If you have one in your home make sure it is kept far away from your pets.

Easter Grass- This fake grass is a favorite among families with kids. Most Easter baskets come with this colorful stuff. However, if ingested Easter grass can easily get tangled in your pets intestine. This can be fatal if not caught early. If you have some of this in your home over Easter keep it away from your pets.

Sugar Free Treats-Sugar free goodies is a big thing these days. They use Xylitol in place of sugar. Xylitol is a chemical and is extremely toxic for animals. Keep these treats away from your pets.

Grapes/Raisins- Grapes and Raisins have been known to cause Kidney Failure or even death in some dogs. This doesn’t effect all dogs but why take the chance?

Macadamia Nuts- may trigger diarreha/vomiting in dogs. Can also cause hind-end weakness and fleeting paralysis in dogs. Keep these tasty treats away from your dogs.

Chocolate- Most pet owners know about Chocolate. Theobromine is the ingredient in chocolate that is toxic for dogs. It is easily digested by people but slowly digested in dogs. Once levels of Theobromine in the body has increased it can cause Hyperactivity, muscle tremors, seizures, irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding, or heart attack in dogs. Theobromine is highest in cocoa, dark chocolate and cooking chocolate. The darker the chocolate the more Theobromine there is.

How To Include Your Dog In Easter Activities.

When it is time for the Easter egg hunt put your dog on a leash, even if you’re indoors. This will allow you complete control of your dog so if they happen to grab something that they shouldn’t you can remove the item quickly. It is also good to teach your dog simple commands like “Drop it” if something is already in his mouth. As well as Leave It if you see your dog is going to pick up something he shouldn’t.

Have a hunt for your dog. Hide treats for your dog and have your dog and kids look for them. This is a fun way to include the dog but in a safe way. Your dog will love the game, time spent with his favorite people and of course, the treats!


By taking a few extra precautions you can make Easter easier for you and more fun for everyone! Do you have a tip on how to keep your pets safe over Easter? Leave them in the comments below!!

-Written by Tammy Hein, ABCDT