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Tammy’s Training Canine Services strives to provide you with:

  • Dedicate our days to treating your dogs with dignity and kindness.
  • Provide you with peace of mind that your dog is in excellent hands.
  • To help you meet your dog’s physical and mental energy needs during our time with your dog.
  • Continuously expanding our knowledge in dog training so we can support you in providing a balanced and fulfilling life for your dog.
  • Clean up after your dog and dispose of waste properly when on walks.
  • Strive to preserve the safety and wellbeing of everything and everyone we meet while dog walking.
  • Provide transparency and communicate as much as we can through photos, videos, texts, phone calls and emails.

Tammy’s Training Canine Services established in September 2018 in Warman, SK. We started as a doggy daycare/training facility. However, when Covid hit, we could not meet the financial demands of having a store-front business. Sadly, we had to shut our doors in the summer of 2020.

Just like with many businesses in 2020, we had to take a step back and adjust our business model so that we could continue to serve the community during the pandemic. We started walking dogs for clients who needed a little extra help in the summer of 2020. We started with a few dogs a few times a week, so Tammy walked them herself with her kids. As the year wore on, our dog walking services became more known and by April 2021, Tammy’s schedule was so full she had to hire help.

Kayla Tardivel joined the team April 2021 as a dog walker. Kayla has been working with Tammy since before Covid struck to get her practicum hours as a dog trainer, so she can finish her certification. Now Tammy’s Training has not one but two dog trainers on staff to help you with your dog training and exercise needs.

To learn more about Tammy click here.

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