Leash Manners

Does your dog drag you down the street? Does your dog go crazy when she sees another dog, a cat, people etc when out on a walk? Sounds like you could use a little help with leash manners.
    Why? Leash manners help dogs to understand what is expected of them when on a walk. It teaches dogs self-control and gives them a job. Implementing training when out on a walk will tire her out more physically than just going for a walk does. This means that during the training period you can keep the walks short and still burn energy.
     What are some good leash manners? Well, let’s go over them here for you!
    Sit: Sit, is a good learned skill to have when on a walk. Make your dog sit everytime you stop. You can use sit when your dog sees another dog, cat (enter distraction here!). This will give your dog a job to do. Sit is also good for when you see a friend. You can walk up to your friend, ask your dog to sit while you visit, then simply continue on with your walk.
    Focus: Teach your dog to focus on cue. If your dog is focusing on you then he isn’t focusing on the distraction. You can use focus when your dog is sitting or walking.
    Heel: For regular walks, it is definitely ok to let your dog walk at the end of the leash if she’s not pulling. However, there are always situations where you want your dog to be close to you. If you have to go through a high traffic area for example.
   Leave-it: When you come across something on the ground just use leave it to get your dog to ignore it. You can also use this to get your dog to ignore a cat, person, another dog, etc.
  Drop it: If your dog picks up something off the ground. You can use drop it to get them to spit it out.
  Taking the time to teach your dog leash manners will improve your dogs self-control and make your walks more pleasurable.
   Comment below what learned behaviors you do when out on a walk with your furbaby!
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