Mobile Nail Clipping

Need your dogs nails clipped but can’t do them on your own? Let us help you!

We come to your home so you don’t have to worry about going anywhere. We bring everything we need with us.

If your dog gets stressed out when they get their nails clipped we recommend rewarding your dog during the process. This is called counterconditioning. This process, if done regularly, can change your dogs’ emotional response to getting their nails clipped. They may never like it but they will learn to tolerate it which will make the process easier and faster.

Rates (Includes tax):

Clipping: $10

-Clipping is just a quick snip with the clippers.

Dremel: $15

-Dremel is where we file down the nails. This will round them down a little and make them less sharp.

To book your mobile nail clipping simply fill out the form and we will be incontact with you shortly.