Online Courses

Our courses are designed with you in mind. We understand that you are busy and you may need a program that will cater to your busy lifestyle.

What to expect.

Our online courses will provide you with information you need to be able to teach your dog new skills, on your schedule. Through text and video demos, we have broken down the training techniques for you.

Training techniques taught in these courses are easy to do so you can include the whole family. Efficient enough that you can teach them to your dog with just a few mins of practice a day. You can use your dogs’ mealtimes if you find yourself strapped for time to train. After all, dogs have to eat. That’s minimum 2 training sessions a day at 3-5 mins each. Sound doable?

Ontop of the course content you will also have access to our facebook group. From the facebook group you will have access to training discussions as well as live Q&A sessions which brings our trainers to you. We can answer any questions you may have, help you work through training problems as they arise, and help you as you progress through the course.

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