Training Consultation

We value your time. 

For this reason, our consultations always start over the phone. Scheduled for a time when we can give you undivided attention. The notes we take help us create your unique training plan. You will receive a follow-up email. This is to confirm we have missed nothing during our call and provide you with simple tasks you can start right away.

We set our private consultation up in packs, but there are single sessions available too. Designed to help save your money, while still providing you with quality training.

You will receive an invoice with the agreed-upon package. We do not require you to pay until our first session together. This strategy gets all the paperwork out of the way and allows for minimal contact. Allowing us to focus our attention on training your dog during our in-person sessions.

The invoice allows you to pay for training with a credit card. E-transfer options is also available.
Instructions will be included on your invoice.

Single sessions: $90 + tax

Getting Started Puppy

2 in-person sessions in this pack, and ongoing support before, during and after our classes.

All the basic puppy behaviours covered and we cater to your main training goals.

Things we cover in this package are chewing, mouthing, jumping up, socialization, come-when-called, leash manners, impulse control, house training and crate training.

$170 + tax

Leash Manners 101

Ongoing support along with 2 in-person sessions. 

Focusing on teaching our dogs to engage with us, heal work, and verbal control.

We include anything you would like to focus on.

$170 + tax

Reliable Recall 101

This pack includes 2 in-person session and ongoing support.

Teaching our dogs to engage with us, work through distractions safely, and build verbal control.

Room to add to the training plan so we can focus on your unique needs.

$170 + tax

Behavioural modification coming soon!

Behavioural modification is not the same as training. It requires going deep into Canine Psychology. We work on changing your dog’s emotional response vs teaching them to do a simple behaviour. Like all habits, they take time to learn and develop.

Starting in the same way as our Training Consultations. Always start with an over-the-phone consultation. This is all about information gathering.

Provided through monthly subscriptions.

All dogs learn at different paces. When you are working on modifying behaviour, you are changing your dog’s emotional reaction to something. This takes time. Depending on how long your dog has been exhibiting these behaviours and how often you work with your dog, the number of sessions needed will fluctuate from case to case. This makes it difficult to put a number down on how many sessions you will need.

Enter the subscription services.

2 tier options:

Tier 1: 2 in-person sessions per month, and 2 Zoom sessions. Unlimited email and over-the-phone help and support.

Tier 2: 4 sessions per month, and 2 Zoom sessions. Unlimited email and over-the-phone help and support.

This service will be available in the upcoming months!

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