Getting Started Puppy



Just get a new puppy and want to get started on some training? This is the package for you.

You can start these classes either before your puppy comes home for some puppy prep or we can schedule the first one for once your puppy is home and settled. We can start working with your puppy as early as 9-10 weeks old.

In this package, we go over important puppy behavior topics such as:

  • housetraining.
  • chewing.
  • unnecessary barking.
  • socialization.
  • Crate training.
  • Self-control exercises.
  • desensitize your puppy to scary things like grooming tools, loud noises etc.
  • discuss ways to prevent behaviors that might develop as your puppy grows like resource guarding and separation anxiety. These behaviors can’t be 100% prevented but we can help you reduce the risk of these behaviors as your puppy gets older with just a few simple exercises.
  • ┬ábasic manners such as sit, down, stay, leave it, walking nicely on a leash and come when called.

Going over these types of things early in your puppies life will help both you and your puppy get a good head start on your life together.

This session includes 1 over the phone consult, 2 one-on-one training sessions where we come to you, and a free clicker.


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