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Headcollars are a training aid that helps give you more control while you are training your dog. If you have a dog that pulls, barks, lunges, snaps, etc while on walks then this is the product for you. This product will provide your dog with the least amount of negative associations while training.

The headcollar has 2 parts to it and it includes a matching leash. One part is the collar part which goes around your dogs’ head. Like a normal collar would. The second part goes over your dogs’ muzzle. Both parts are adjustable. Make sure it is a snug fit but still comfortable. You should be able to slip 2 fingers under the collar part but no more than that or it is too loose. The mouth part should be loose enough that your dog can open his mouth to drink, breathe, eat treats, etc when it is loose. If your dog is not able to do these things then it is too tight.

Dogs do not like anything on their face which makes this training aid a struggle to get started with if you don’t do the training first. For this reason, we have included a free printable about how to get your dog used to headcollars. We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any training questions about this item give us a shout and our trainers will be happy to work with you.

We sell headcollars in Small, Medium, and Large. We only have black headcollars in stock. Please check out the chart provided to determine which size will fit your dog.



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