About Tammy Hein, ABCDT

Tammy Hein started training dogs when she adopted a German Shepard from her local vet in January of 2004. He was a year old and due to his previous situation, he didn’t have much training. It was her journey with Wolfgang that enticed her to pursue dog training as a career and soon got certified through Animal Behaviour College as an Animal Behaviour College Dog Trainer(ABCDT).

From there Tammy got a job working as a trainer at a doggy daycare in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Tammy worked there for 7 years before taking a break to have a family. However, during that time Tammy got the opportunity to dapple in different styles and types of training. From basic obedience, difficult training seminars to dog sports.

Now, as a mom and a dog trainer, Tammy is faced with a new set of challenges. These challenges help Tammy to look at situations differently than she used to. Tammy feels the experience has given her a deeper understanding of what young families are going through and has an easier time relating to busy parents.

However, Tammys’ professional career doesn’t end there. Tammys is constantly learning and growing in the world of dog training. Working hard to keep her training techniques up to date and her methods easy to learn for busy families.